Welcome to Film Carnage, where the key question of film is asked: is it worth watching? When it comes down to it, good or bad, amazing or awful, that’s what really matters, was it worth a watch. No matter the genre, the actors, the directors, the writers. Everyone’s collection, whether it’s 15 or 1500 is ever one type of film, to this day I’ve yet to meet that elusive, strange fan who only watches one genre.

The secondary aim here at Film Carnage is to highlight Indie film, whether they’re Shorts or Features, creations by cinephiles are what I love and the benefit of writing reviews, news and posts can help to connect readers with the amazing work done by indie film-makers. Which is exactly why anyone can send in their film to be reviewed by emailing me (Rebecca) at cherryfilms7@gmail.com. It’s an open submission and every single entry will get a review, so if you’d like your film to be featured on Film Carnage, don’t hesitate to send it in!