Review: My Neighbour Barbecued My Fence

Written by, directed by and starring Victoria Muldoon, this short film follows Tiger, who wants to work but just can’t do what other people tell her to do. Her job search brings her to Tom’s career advice session. Together they decide to seize the day and do something they love. Also starring: Freddie Hogan. Continue reading “Review: My Neighbour Barbecued My Fence”


Review: House Finch

The second directorial project from Something Blue‘s Joe Johnson, House Finch follows a day in the life of a mother and her disabled son. Starring a staple of British television and theatre, Adjoa Andoh (Doctor Who, Liar) and Edward Bluemel who’s next to be seen in season two of the critically acclaimed Killing Eve and you may have spotted him in Netflix’s recent hit Sex Education. Continue reading “Review: House Finch”

Review: Adult Life Skills

Now, this post may be titled review but here’s a little secret, it should really be called: “Why We Need More Films Like Adult Life Skills”, so if you’re interested, stick around and I’ll tell you why. Written and directed by Rachel Tunnard, starring Jodie Whittaker as a 29 and soon to the be 30, year old who lives in a shed at the bottom of her Mum’s garden and spends her free time making videos with her thumbs as the lead characters. Also starring: Lorraine Ashburne, Brett Goldstein, Rachael Deering, Eileen Davies, Ozzy Myers and Alice Lowe. Continue reading “Review: Adult Life Skills”

Review: The Subject

Written and directed by Sarah BarkerThe Subject follows a young artist’s (Alice Bird) struggle to create the perfect piece of portraiture at a pivotal moment in her career. A feature with a cast and crew filled with female filmmakers, making it a truly independent, British, female made film, which we definitely need in 2019 and makes it the perfect film to be the first review of the year. Continue reading “Review: The Subject”

Review: The Sorting Room

Written and directed by Ben Stahl, The Sorting Room is set in the future, where world peace has been achieved. The only downside is the global population has grown beyond sustainable resources. To help control this, the government has instated the annual Sort, an event geared towards providing male members of society a chance to sacrifice their lives in an effort to help save the rest of humanity. Two men enter a room and have to make a unanimous decision as to which of them should live. Who will walk out of this room today? Starring: Wesley Cianchette and David Nenner. Continue reading “Review: The Sorting Room”

Review: Heartless

Written and directed by Kevin Sluder (@kevin_sluder if you’re Twitter inclined), one half of film-making duo with Jennifer Sluder and Sunshine Boy ProductionsBased on Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart”. An overlooked associate struggles to complete a corporate presentation as a horrific secret gnaws at her conscience. Starring: Stacy Snyder, Joanna Sotomura, Matt Mercer, Blaine Vedros and Ron Morehouse

Continue reading “Review: Heartless”