Review: Will Reading

Wendy (Katie Weigl) is preparing to host an evening at her home for friends, during which they will read an addendum to her dead husband’s will. Her husband’s twin brother (Jamie Insalaco), his college roommate (Dan Conrad) and friends (Greg Vorob, Marc Seidenstein) all attend to find out exactly what Will left them. Is there enough to change their fortunes? Can they learn to work together as friends? The very idea of money changes everything. Written, directed and of course, starring Jamie Insalaco.

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Review: Night Job

An independent feature following a young man on his first night as a temp doorman; a night full of run-ins with residents, con-men and bootleggers. Written and directed by J. Antonio, starring: Jason Torres, Bettina Skye, Timothy J. Cox, Lester Greene, Greg Kritikos, Brandon J. Shaw, Morgan Paige, Vincent Ford, Sofiane Madi and Larese King. Continue reading “Review: Night Job”

Review: A Legacy of Whining

Written, directed by and starring Ross Munro, when two former high-school friends reunite after thirty years, it doesn’t take them too long to realise that the past wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The two head out on an evening of reminiscing but get something altogether different, starring: Robert David Duncan, Angie Descalzi, Keilani Elizabeth Rose, Dayana Hernandez, Abby de Forest, Teresa Laverty and Sacha M. Romalo. Continue reading “Review: A Legacy of Whining”