Review: The Savages

I must confess, it has been a while since my last Hoffman review but let’s pick it up with a good one, The Savages from 2007 starring Hoffman alongside Laura Linney, Philip Bosco, Peter Friedman and Gbenga Akinnagbe, about a brother and sister being handed the responsibility of looking after their ailing father. Written and directed by Tamara Jenkins who despite being nominated for an Academy award for this particular screenplay has seemingly disappeared from the business which is the ultimate shame considering the real lack of female directors out there today; for what reason I would love to know but don’t currently. Continue reading “Review: The Savages”


Review: Charlie Wilson’s War (2007)

In the second of my reviews of Philip Seymour Hoffman films, this may not be one that when considered it inherently brings to mind Hoffman, it’s much more likely to be Tom Hanks, but nevertheless it is a film in which he takes an important role and not one to be overlooked. Directed by Mike Nichols, a biographical story about U.S. Congressman Charlie Wilson (Hanks) and C.I.A. operative Gust Avrakotos (Hoffman) in their role of the Soviet-Afghan War. Though this film is of course politically charged, it really feels more like an underdog story with some heroic non-hero characters. Continue reading “Review: Charlie Wilson’s War (2007)”

Review: God’s Pocket (2014)


When Philip Seymour Hoffman sadly passed much too early at the age of 46 as a respected actor, I realised there were a lot of films from his 20 plus years long career I had not seen and decided to remedy that and gradually review all those I can get my hands on, starting with one that came and went fairly quietly; God’s Pocket. With an interesting cast and mysterious plot as well as being directorial debut of Roger Sterling himself, John Slattery it’s strange this one didn’t receive more attention. Hoffman plays Mickey, husband to our second Mad Men alum Christina Hendrick’s Jeanie who is told that her son has died in a workplace “accident” which she refuses to believe. This film tells the story of how things then begin to fall apart, dealing with the death of a child and some dodgy dealings, cliches of American working class towns and Mickey in the middle of it all just trying to do his best. Continue reading “Review: God’s Pocket (2014)”