Review: Label

Officially titled Aufdruck but for us Brits, Label, written and directed by Jaschar Marktanner. Two young women in their twenties sit in a café and sip coffee out of way too small cups, while smoking an unhealthy amount of cigarettes and talking about everything under the sun and beyond, like aliens…Starring Mary Krasnoperova, Kira Mathis, Steffi Charlotte Flur and writer, director Marktanner himself. Continue reading “Review: Label”


Review: Aimless

Opening on an atmospheric overture, the journey of a relationship gone awry with only our emotional recognition skills to tell us the story and no words to make it too easy for us. As events, or lack thereof as is more accurately the case, unfold the silence continues…until it does not, simple as that. While it lasts you can almost respect the choice not to molly coddle modern audiences as they so often are with today’s cinema, handed everything neatly wrapped and with an overtly explained bow; however, when the dialogue returns it does not have too much to add. The choice to introduce it 15 minutes into the film feels somewhat random, lasting a few scenes but not the entirety; a choice that feels confusing more than anything else. That description is quite possibly a good summation of the film as a whole; a mismatch of styles and directorial choices that don’t always seem to make complete sense. Continue reading “Review: Aimless”

Review: Vesper

Written by, directed by and starring Keyvan Sheikhalishahi, Marge Ofenbey (Agnès Godey) shuts herself away from all in a house to flee her sinister and manipulative husband, Walter (Götz Otto). She asks her nephew Christian for help. But, Christian will soon discover the secrets hidden by Marge and Walter. What are Walter’s true intentions? Why is Marge haunted by stars? Continue reading “Review: Vesper”

Review: Pronoia

A man and a woman wait out a rainstorm in a hotel lobby some place between “here and nowhere”. When the TV news reports the disappearance of a high-ranking Pentagon official, neither he nor she know of the ramifications it will have on their brief, seductive encounter. Written and directed by Nick Efteriades and starring Stelio Savante, Hannah Jane McMurray and Lou Mast. Continue reading “Review: Pronoia”