Review: Sweet Street

Written and directed by Coz Greenop, following the life of Isabella, a sex worker in the north of England, exploring the mind and day to day life of a woman working in the ‘managed zone’. Starring: Ariadna Cabrol, Kimberley Barrett, Lilybella Bayliss, Curt Faulkner, Philip Hill-Pearson and Bobby Hirston.

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Review: The Mountain & The Maiden

Directed by Shmuel Hoffman and Anton von Heiseler, a day in the life of Aspiya, a 10-year-old girl living with her younger brother, older sister and parents in a one-room-shack in Delhi near Asia’s biggest landfill. Aspiya is the main supporter of her family. Every day, she walks up the landfill in order to collect trash that then will later be sold to companies that reuse the materials for their products.

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